ETU Education and BISS Announce Partnership

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ETU and BISS Partnership Ceremony.

Back row:

(Left) Yinuo Li, Co-Founder, ETU

(Right) Elvis Tan, Director, BISS

Front row:

(Left) Xiuliang Han, COO, ETU

(Right) Elaine Tian, Deputy General Manager, BISS

[Beijing, January 9, 2019] The Beijing-based ETU Education and Beijing BISS International School recently announced a strategic partnership in education, a positive attempt by both parties to explore the future of education in China. Through the partnership, both parties are committed to bringing better curriculum and resources to students from different cultural backgrounds. 

ETU Education (hereinafter referred to as "ETU") is dedicated to education innovation in the global setting. Currently, ETU has innovative education projects in Beijing, Guangzhou and Silicon Valley in the U.S. 

Established in 1994, Beijing BISS International School was the first International school in Chaoyang District, and was one of the first to be authorized to offer all three International Baccalaureate (IB) programs including PYP, MYP and DP. 

BISS has had excellent academic results. BISS graduates are widely accepted by top universities around the world, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Juliet Music College, the National University of Singapore and Peking University among others. 

Over the past years, BISS dedicatedly worked with Beijing Institute of Education and the Education Commission of Chaoyang District to run projects aimed at improving the quality of English education in a broader scope. 

With shared values of both parties, and thanks to the strong support from the government, ETU and BISS have agreed on a comprehensive partnership so as to ensure the smooth operation of BISS moving forward. ETU will provide support to BISS in school operation, curriculum building, marketing and admission, so as to provide best-quality education to families and students from different background.  

BISS will continuously strive for strong academic excellence by leveraging its rich experiences and practices in IB teaching and learning over the past 25 years.

ETU helps BISS to provide high quality and diversified education

Based on the partnership, ETU will help BISS further optimize its operation and management, and bring stability to BISS' teaching team. Meanwhile, ETU will leverage its global network and resources to further improve the teaching and learning standards at BISS. ETU’s IT system will also be used to help track BISS students' performance, and make personalized learning and assessment possible. 

ETU and BISS Contract Signing Ceremony. Photo by Ruining

In addition, starting from this summer, ETU and BISS will work together to explore exchange and experiential learning program with ISS International School in Singapore.

"BISS is a truly respectable international school with a long history and proven track record for its long-time IB practice. We believe that this comprehensive collaboration between ETU and BISS will offer two different but complimentary education paths for students from different background and with diverse needs. In the meantime, ETU's China-based innovative education efforts will provide BISS with a unique Chinese perspective to its localization of IB curriculum in China," said Yinuo Li, co-founder of ETU Education.

Yinuo Li, ETU Education Co-founder. Photo by Ruining

Elvis Tan, Director of BISS, said, "BISS and ETU have shared values in education. Our partnership with ETU will definitely become a new milestone for us following our solid development in China over the past 25 years. I am looking forward to a new exciting journey with ETU, who is recognized as an icon of education innovation in China, and we will continuously work together to provide our kids, despite their culture and nationality, a better education, and a better future. "

Elvis Tan, Director, BISS. Photo by Ruining

As it takes a whole village to raise a child, this partnership between ETU and BISS is expected to carve out a new path to connect the best resources from both China and around the world to raise and empower our next generation of leaders. 

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