OPEN CALL!| Queery Tales 酷兒體 |公開徵集!

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What is Queer Tales

Queer Tales is short writing about queer identity, love, romantic fantacies, fiction/non-fiction - queer story telling…

A queer tale is written by queers and made for queers. 



For a moment we are one,


I am lost in you, 

our lines blurred

into one figure

no longer know where I end, where you begin

Our skin melted together

Our souls fused 

To one single heartbeat 

One single rhythm 

of heaving breath 

inhale, exhale

For a moment we are one 



Let us be

Together in pain

Can’t you see we are hurting?


Let us be

Connected on the margins of society

Where the need for belonging 

Repeatedly gets compromised


Let us be

Alone in this sacred moment.

Dissected by vulnerability


Let us be


Open call

In the past two years, we have been hosting queer life drawing sessions as a way to discuss and open up queer identities, desires and how we see ourselves and others.  Each session had a topic about a issue related to our queer identity. Queer love, masturbation, gender non-binary, masculinity and femininity ...

We now propose a new workshop where you use the collections from our queer life drawing sessions as your inspiration/a visual representations of an emotion/feeling/idea, write a 140 words of story, poem, mini essay, abstract text, a stream of consciousness… it can be poetic, it can be rough texts, it can be like a conversation…Any tale your heart desires to express

在過去兩年中,我們組織了多場酷兒人體寫生,以這種方式來探討酷兒身份,慾望和我們如何看待自己和她人。每場寫生都有一個特定的關於酷兒身份的主題。 酷兒愛,自慰,性別非二元,男性氣質與女性氣質……

我們現在公開徵集,將酷兒人體寫生的素材,從視覺上刺激你的情緒,感情和思緒,創作140字篇幅的敘事故事,詩,一種情緒/感覺/想法的視覺素材,創作一段140字以內的故事,詩,迷你小說,抽象的文字表達,甚至是意識流寫作。。。 可以充滿詩意,可以平白直述,也可以像一段對話……所有你欲想表達的

Screenshot from the Queer shape video (9’08” )


How to participate

Pick one or several photos from the end of this post that inspired you the most, write anything you feel like to write as being a queer. 

-The words limit is 140 words, well, you can also break the limits if 140 words are not enough,no language limitation

-Leave your Name or Pen name with your piece

-send it with the chosen photo to Q-space account(you also send us only the text if you just have something to tell without the agency of a image)

The text received will be posted on Q-space FB page(Q-space), instagram(qspacebeijing), and published into a small booklet of this queer writing collective.







Drawing images

Q-Space is a grassroots, non-profit, community maker space who believe that embracing diversity is the key to solving social issues. Our vision is of a future where all people, no matter who they are, have access to the tools and resources to be able to create the change they would like to see in the world. Our space is open and embracing, a space focused on mindful learning, creating bridges through inclusive discussion and community building to share knowledge and skills. We focus particularly on the empowerment of women and the LGBTQ+ populations. We believe that radical inclusion is key for radical change, and welcome anyone to be part of our community without any need to label themselves. 






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